How About Another Moonlight Hike?

Strong winds and a 60% chance of rain have left us with pretty unappealing hiking conditions – no chance of seeing the moon, but a good chance of getting wet.  We’ll cancel our hike for tonight, but we’ll be trying again at the end of this month on Saturday, the 31st.  Save the date and we will hope to see you all there!

The Friends of Ellenwood Park will be hiking under the full moon again on Friday, March 2nd.  We’ll be meeting everyone in the parking lot off of Mood Road at 7:00 pm.  Dress for the weather, bring a flashlight and be sure to bring the kids!  All our events are weather dependent so check back here before heading out.

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Ski Waxing event cancelled for tomorrow

Regretfully, Mother Nature has decided to deliver some gnarly weather overnight into tomorrow and our ski waxing service will have to be cancelled in the interest of safety.  Our ‘professional’ waxer was scheduled to drive all the way in from Wolfville and his safety is our #1 priority, obviously.  Apologies to one and all.  The cabin will be open for loans IF Mood Road is plowed.  If the rain arrives as predicted, the cabin may be closed on Monday, time will tell.

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Heritage Day Long Weekend at Ellenwood

SATURDAY: put on your walking shoes because the weather will be beautiful for a hike around the Park today!  It’s a different story tomorrow…

SUNDAY: Snow! Glorious snow is forecast just in time to test that new wax on your skis! Yes, our Ski Waxing Service will take place at the ski cabin from 11:00-3:00. Check last week’s post for full details and bring your skis along. Ike will get them into shape in no time! Cash or cheque only. First come, first served. Don’t miss this one day event!

MONDAY: The ski cabin will be open from 12:00-4:00 and we will be loaning equipment if the conditions are right.  Take advantage of the snow while it lasts!

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Professional Ski Waxing Service

…for waxable and no-wax skis
Sunday, February 18th at Ellenwood
11:00am – 3:00pm *rain or shine
Bring your skis to the ski cabin at Ellenwood on the 18th
or call the Yarmouth Rec. Department at 902-742-8868
to register for early drop off by noon on Feb. 16th and we’ll bring your skis to the Park for you!
**On line pre-registration form
Skis will be serviced on a ‘first come first served’ basis.
SERVICES and FEE SCHEDULE *cash or cheque only
$5 Clean off last year’s wax ($10 if Klister was used)
$10 Apply glide wax
$12 Preparation of skis, including ‘hot scrape’
Put some GLIDE back in your STRIDE and the FUN back in skiing
with a proper cleaning and waxing!
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Saturday, February 10th… update

The ski cabin will be closed today due to rain. There still isn’t enough snow to run the groomer or loan out equipment, but we always have our fingers crossed! ***PLEASE USE CAUTION whenever you enter the Park. You are responsible for your own safety and SAFETY is #1 with us. Ice isn’t always visible! Walkers, please keep to your left on the way down so if there are ski tracks, they won’t be damaged. Thanks;-)

HEY! Mother Nature!  We’re ready whenever YOU are!

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Saturday, February 3rd

Yesterday’s flash freeze has left some treacherous conditions on the ground at Ellenwood. There’s not enough snow to run the groomer, but plenty of ice underfoot to cause a safety concern. We will not be lending equipment at the cabin today and we urge all Park visitors to use extreme caution if they venture out to Ellenwood. You do so at your own risk. We will update conditions again tomorrow.

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It was a beautiful night for a hike…

Lots of folks turned up for our Super Moon Snowshoe Hike on Wednesday night.  Mother Nature provided us with clear skies and a picture perfect moon!  Ninety-four hikers took part and everyone, young and old alike, enjoyed the view and the company;-)




Thank you to everyone who came out to join in the fun.  Let’s do it again sometime!  The next full moon is March 1st.  Stay tuned…

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Moonlight Snowshoe Hike on January 31st at Ellenwood…

Our winter enthusiasts wil be enthusiastically expressing their enthusiasm at 7:00 PM on Wednesday, January 31st at Ellenwood. WHY?  Well…the January 31st supermoon will also be a blue moon and occur during a total lunar eclipse… and you don’t get to celebrate that every day… or night. Do you? We’ll meet up with folks at the Mood Road gate parking lot at 7 PM **if the weather permits. Dress for the cold. Bring your flashlight and wear your favourite footwear for snowy terrain. We have a few sets of snowshoes available at the cabin. There may be ice on the road down – so exercise CAUTION wherever you walk! Check back here for updates.

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Saturday, January 6th

Happy New Year folks!   Well, the wild weather has played havoc at Ellenwood (like everywhere else) since Christmas Day and the Park lost a few trees.  The DNR has pulled the downed trees off to the side and the excavator, which has been on site, has been removed… we think.  A few of our visitors and volunteer staff were out clearing debris from the trails with the hope that we might be able to run the groomer soon.  However, there may still be hazards lurking beneath the snow. BE CAUTIOUS WHEN USING UNGROOMED PARK TRAILS!  You ski and snowshoe at your own risk and not all hazards are visible as you cut your own tracks.  The Friends of Ellenwood will be back at the cabin to loan equipment once we are sure that it’s safe to do so.  The area at the Mood Road gate has been plowed several times so parking is available.  Please be patient and stay tuned here for updates.


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Preparing for the season…

CAUTION TO ALL SKIERS:  For anyone skiing down from the Mood Road gate… Be advised to use extra caution.  A large tree is down across the road that is not visible until you are beyond the first bend!  An update will be posted here when conditions change.  Remember that you ski at your own risk, so be careful out there!

Hello everyone!  The wind storm that blew through on Christmas Day left a great deal of debris on the walking paths around Ellenwood.  The DNR will be able to tackle the BIG trees, but the branches and smaller stuff throughout the Park need to be picked up and tossed off the pathways so that we can get our groomer mobilized next week!  The sooner the cleanup is done, the faster we can get out there skiing!!!  If anyone is out for a walk, could you PLEASE take a few moments to help clear the downed branches?  If all of us pitch in, it will take no time at all.  Thank you in advance for lending a hand!  It seems like a perfect time, with only 3 days to go, to wish everyone a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year from all of us at FOEP.

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