Ellenwood Park… the perfect place for a shower!

Of course I’m referring to the Northern Taurid Meteor Shower, which will be at its peak on November 11th and 12th. Ellenwood’s dark skies and open spaces provide perfect conditions and an unobstructed view for night hikers, who can expect to see an average of 5 fireballs per hour.

What’s a fireball and is it safe to watch?

A fireball is perfectly safe to watch and will be brighter than Venus, which is normally the brightest object in the night sky with the exception of the moon. Fireballs are meteors and the Taurid meteors tend to last a bit longer than others do. Don’t ask me why – just get out there and enjoy them!

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We’re Still Connecting Community to Nature

No one can argue that the pandemic and social distancing protocols have had an enormous effect on our daily lives and keeping a positive frame of mind can be a bit of a challenge some days.  Time spent in Nature can help and Ellenwood Park is the perfect place.  The Friends of Ellenwood Park will be making every effort this winter to encourage dog walkers, hikers, snowshoers and cross-country skiers to GET OUT THERE and enjoy Ellenwood’s fresh air and gentle trails.

Keep on top of upcoming events, snow conditions and more. It’s easy! Click on the SUBSCRIBE button on our home page and updates will appear in your email in box.  It’s FREE!  (We’re experiencing technical difficulties with our subscription feature at the moment, but we’re working on it!)

When Nature calls don’t hesitate.  Our volunteers will keep doggie-do bags available at the Mood Road gate for our furry friends and the outhouse down by the children’s playscape will be kept open and fully supplied.

We’re in this together.  Click on the BE A FRIEND tab to find out how you can help support the Friends of Ellenwood Park this season and GET OUT THERE!  You’ll be happy that you did.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

The Friends of Ellenwood Park would like to wish each and every one of you a very Happy Thanksgiving. Despite the challenging times in which we find ourselves, we have so much to be thankful for!

May you all enjoy time spent with family and friends, both near and far, as you celebrate this weekend. Be sure to include the beauty of our natural world among the many blessings you count this Thanksgiving and take a walk in Nature! It’s time well spent.

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Good-bye summer, hello fall!

You may be wondering what the Friends of Ellenwood Park have been doing over the past few months. Like you, we have been keeping our social distance and staying safe while enjoying the great outdoors.

As the start of hunting season approaches, please keep Ellenwood Park in mind when you’re in the mood for a walk in the sunshine – or by moonlight! There is NO HUNTING allowed at Ellenwood and walkers are encouraged to make the Park your ‘go to’ place for a safe and serene place to hike.

At present, the Friends of Ellenwood Park, in compliance with provincial health guidelines and safety protocols concerning COVID, will be suspending its usual fall bonfires. The ski cabin will not be opened for drop-in visitors this season. We will post an update regarding cross country skiing and trail grooming once the winter weather kicks in.

We miss you, but safety is always a top priority with the Friends of Ellenwood Park. Get out there and enjoy the fall colours:-)

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May long weekend update…

As of today… May 15, 2020

Provincial beaches will open Saturday, May 16th. Gates are being opened so parking lots can be accessed, and boat launches within day-use parks will also open. Full services are not yet offered, so there is no washroom access, garbage collection or lifeguards on duty. Follow pack-in, pack out etiquette and don’t leave any waste. Many provincial park camp grounds remain closed… including Ellenwood. For further information please refer to the current updates as posted on the Parks Nova Scotia website. https://parks.novascotia.ca/content/current-advisories

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May update…

Although the government has lifted restrictions on accessing Provincial Parks, there are a few things you should know and keep in mind. Social distancing is STILL a requirement for everyone. If the Mood Road parking area is full of cars, it’s probably a good idea to go elsewhere. Also, work is still being done in in the Park to prepare Ellenwood for the upcoming season. If you’re not sure whether or not it’s OK to walk there, call the Department of Lands and Forestry and ask them directly, 902-648-3540.

The black flies have also returned to Ellenwood – in clouds. They’re not biting yet, but they will in the next few days!

We’re very happy at the increased numbers of walkers we’re seeing out on the roads every day… one good side-effect of this terrible pandemic. The Friends of Ellenwood would like to encourage EVERYONE to make walking a part of your ‘new normal’. Don’t stop now!

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THANK YOU from all of us!

THANK YOU from all of us at FOEP! We had an amazing time gazing at the Worm Moon on Monday night… just enough clouds to make it moody and mysterious! Put that together with a roaring bonfire and a few toasted marshmallows and, well… you get the picture. It was a perfect night by anyone’s standards. For those of you who attended (all 62 of you) THANK YOU sincerely for the generous donations that you left behind. It allows the Friends of Ellenwood Park to keep doing what we do. You are our main source of operating funds – and we honestly appreciate it!

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Super Full Worm Moon tonight! March 9th…

Make a date to join us for our last Moonlight Hike of the season tonight at Ellenwood! Meet us at the Mood Road gate for a 7:00 pm start – and please sign in when you arrive. Bring a flashlight (just in case). The warmer temperatures have melted the ground just enough to make it slightly messy in spots – so put on appropriate footwear.

**Interesting fact: tonight’s moon is one of three Super Moons this year – and it goes by the odd name of Super Full Worm Moon. Why ‘Worm Moon’? Well, those little underground critters like grubs and worms tend to come out of winter hiding just about now – making robins and moonlight hikers very happy! It’s a sure sign of spring. Also, Super Moons tend to be a bit bigger and brighter to the eye so come on out and join us TONIGHT!

This event is FREE, but your donations are always welcome and sincerely appreciated!
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Full Moon Hike – just a week away!

Monday, March 9th is the date of the next full moon and also the date of our last Moonlight Hike of the season at Ellenwood. If the weather man is in a good mood we will meet all our hikers at The Mood Road gate for a prompt 7:00 pm start. *Please remember to sign in when you arrive. We’ll go for a leisurely stroll around the park and drop by the ski cabin for a hot drink before heading back to our cars by 9:00 or so. Dress for the cold and bring a flashlight, just in case;-) As always, this event is FREE, but the Friends of Ellenwood are very grateful for your donations!

We’ re hoping…
for great weather conditions again.
…but you never know. So check back here or on our Facebook page for any last minute updates before heading out. **NEW! Telephone 902-742-6252 for recorded information about our events. Bring your camera and bring a friend!
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February 15th update

The Ministry of Lands and Forestry is busy in the park these days cleaning up the trees that blew down in the wind storm on February 7th. It’s a big job! The contractors’ trucks have chewed up whatever snow has fallen and this has left us without skiable surfaces to groom, unfortunately. The ski cabin will remain closed until the conditions for skiing improve. We’ll be sure to send you an update if there’s a change. In the mean time, the park still offers a great place to walk and to get some fresh air. Enjoy!

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