Friday, January 17th, 2020

Stephen has been out grooming the trails at Ellenwood and has done the best he can. Despite all of the snow that’s fallen, much of it is sitting on ice-covered asphalt and it’s hard for the groomer to get traction and track setting has been challenging. That being said, the conditions are fair to good (not great) with some rough patches to look out for – especially where the DNR has been constructing in the camping loops. Two ditches have been flagged at sites 47 – 51 in loop A and there is hard-to-see exposed gravel at site 66, which can be dangerous if approaching from uphill.

We have marked some of the rough spots with reflectors and/or tape, but exercise extra care wherever you ski and expect the unexpected. The Park is technically under construction and, as always, you ski at your own risk.

We’ll be at the ski cabin tomorrow from noon until 4:00 for equipment loans. Check back here or on our Facebook page for an update on Park conditions before heading out! Reminder: walk left, ski right, and skate ski in between;-) See ya!
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