Make Your Move Yarmouth!

Make Your Move Yarmouth is an initiative to guide and support a local movement towards a culture change to increase physical activity. It’s part of a community wide plan to create and enhance opportunities to integrate more movement into the daily lives of Yarmouth Town and County citizens.

This expo highlighted the various organizations that offer physical activity opportunities that contribute to improving mental and physical health, quality of life, productivity, and community cohesion with the aim of ‘activating’ as many community members as possible. Many are low cost or NO cost!

For more information about the many ways YOU can have fun by getting active, call Tanya Bain at Yarmouth Recreation 902-742-8868 or email her at

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Scavenger Hunt Winners

It’s time to announce the winners of the Ellenwood March Break Scavenger Hunt!

Thank you to Yarmouth Recreation and Argyle Recreation for supporting this program!


Josee Hiltz

– Natalia Tate (and kiddos)

– Janelle Richards

– Evan and Audrey Spinney

Prizes can be picked up at the Yarmouth Recreation Office, at 932 Highway 1, Hebron between 8:00am-5:00pm Monday-Friday.

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We’re signing off for the season. See you next fall!

A BIG thank you to Argyle Active living for partnering with us on this special event.

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Sunday, March 19th update…

Sorry to have to do this, but today’s weather forecast of wet flurries and 70 kph wind gusts makes our last bonfire and marshmallow roast of the season UNSAFE to go ahead with.

That being said, if you head out early you can still catch some great weather for the last day of our March Break Scavenger Hunt!

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Sunday, March 12th update

We’ve got lots going on at Ellenwood for March Break!

On Sunday the 12th, from 2:00 ’til 4:00 you can find us back at the ski cabin toasting marshmallows around a bonfire. Drop by for some hot chocolate and toast a few! You can bring your own toasting fork or use one of ours. It’s FREE and fun for the whole family.

And speaking of FUN, don’t forget to take a walk through the camping loops next week, because the MARCH BREAK SCAVENGER HUNT IS BACK! From Monday the 13th through Sunday the 19th you could win one of four $20 gift cards just by participating. We’ve hidden pictures of icy snowy things around the campsites for you to find. How many can you identify? Send in your list and you could win! Details are in the sign in box at the Mood Road gate, on our Facebook page, and right here on this site.

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Be aware of icy conditions as you walk in. You always enter the park at your own risk and we always remind you to put safety first. Have fun!

No need to find all 27 photos. All you have to do is participate and send in a list of what you find!
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Saturday, March 4th

Conditions for skiing should be good all around the park today although it has not yet been machine groomed and track set. We’ll wait until the bulk of the snow has fallen before tackling that job. The ski cabin will be closed today, but we plan to have it open tomorrow from 12:00 until 4:00 for equipment loans. Check back here or on Facebook for updates before heading out to the park… just in case!


Why? There are a few good reasons, the #1 reason being SAFETY. Mashed up tracks are like hitting a deep pot hole if you’re skiing. It can cause bad falls and injuries. Also, our volunteers put SO much of their time and effort into providing folks with the best ski experience in the SW. It’s the only groomed ski surface in the Tri-county. Walkers can walk ANYWHERE. Please be mindful of our efforts and other’s safety. Your cooperation is appreciated!

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Monday, February 27th update


SNOW CONDITIONS at Ellenwood Park

Stephen has been out grooming all around the park and track setting most trails. He’s reporting good ski conditions today and probably again tomorrow. So get out there and enjoy it while it lasts, folks!

Walkers PLEASE stay to the left and well away from any groomed surfaces. Damaged tracks pose a real safety issue for skiers. Click on the SKIING at the PARK tab on our homepage for more important safety tips and ski etiquette.

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You should have been there!

Here are a few “action shots” of happy skiers who came out to Ellenwood on Sunday. The business of fitting different sized people with different sized boots and different size skis with two kinds of bindings can be a challenge, but happy faces like these make it all worthwhile!

Here’s our ‘pulk’ out for a rare run in the snow with baby on board and Daddy in the harness.

Protected by a windshield, she’s all snuggled in and ready to go for a relaxing glide over the snow… letting Daddy do all the work while Mommy supervises.

From pint-sized to Daddy-sized, we have skis to fit families of all kinds and we just love to see those rosy cheeks head back in at the end of the day to warm up by the wood stove. You really should have been there!

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Sunday, February 26th update

There’s still plenty of skiable snow this weekend and Stephen groomed all around the Park yesterday. Our volunteers will be out at the cabin again today from 12:00 until 4:00 loaning xc skis. Sign in at the Mood Road gate and follow the green signs down to the lake. **Please walk on the left side and stay clear of the groomed areas! It’s a safety issue for our skiers.

Always use extreme caution when skiing, especially on paved surfaces, which may be thin in spots. Know your skill level and BE SAFE. Click on the ‘SKIING AT THE PARK’ tab on our home page for more ski etiquette and important safety tips.

All our events are FREE but donations are always appreciated.

Equipment is loaned without cost on a first come, first served basis.

C’mon out and give it a try!

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