Snow conditions for Saturday, January 8th

Despite how much snow may be in your driveway this morning, there’s only about 5 cm on the ground at Ellenwood and the slightly higher temperature of the underlying pavement means that grooming has not been possible… BUT…

The good news is that folks have been out at the Park and have made their own tracks around all the loops and the conditions for skiing are very good!

Enjoy the day while you can and be sure to wear your sunglasses. Tomorrow we’re expecting higher temperatures and rain:-(

A trail blazer has been at work here!

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May your days be merry and bright…

The Friends of Ellenwood Park would like to wish each and every one of you the happiest of holidays with those you love, near or far.

Keep safe and take care of each other. See you in the New Year!

… and may all your Christmases be white!

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December 20th snow update…

Stephen managed to coax our temperamental skidoo into running again (at least for now) and the trails all around the park have been groomed with ski tracks set on the main road in.

The conditions are good, but be aware of a few bare patches on all loops. 

As long as the temperature stays below freezing there ought to be some mighty fine skiing at Ellenwood over the next few days. It never lasts for long so get out there and have fun!

Please sign in at the gate and pay attention to the Guidelines posted. As always, you ski at your own risk so be mindful of others and STAY SAFE.

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December 19th snow conditions

It’s heavy snow and a bit sticky but there’s plenty of it and more is on the way! The snow mobile is being temperamental today and grooming the trails may be postponed (or not possible) but Ellenwood is still a great place to make your own tracks – on skis or on foot – so get out there!

PLEASE respect the trail users’ code that’s posted at the gate: walkers keep to the left and away from ski tracks which will be on the right. This is not just a courtesy, but a serious safety issue for skiers, walkers and especially children and pets!

Hint: it’s perfect snow for snow sculptures;-)

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December 10th XC ski conditions update…

Larry was out there with the groomer again today and has reported better conditions than yesterday.

Due to colder temperatures the sticky spots have improved but there are still some rough patches to be on the lookout for.

Enjoy the snow while it lasts, wet and windy weather is on its way soon!

Have fun, stay safe:-)

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Ski conditions Dec. 9th-10th

Larry was out with the roller this morning compacting the snow around the park. If conditions hold, he will be back at it tomorrow to set tracks.

Lots of folks were out taking advantage of our first real snowfall, but conditions were very sticky.

PLEASE remember that if you are walking stay to the left and well away from the ski tracks. This is an important safety issue for our XC skiers! Keep pets off the tracks as well – as a courtesy to those who get so few chances to ski during the winter months. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated!

As always, remember that you ski at your own risk. Have fun, but stay safe!

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Event Cancellation – Nov. 19th

The Moonlight Hike that was scheduled for Friday, November 19th at Ellenwood Park is cancelled.

Sorry! We hope that we’ll be able to hold this event on another night when conditions are right.

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Long time no ski!

Hello there! Remember us? It’s been a long time indeed, but the Friends of Ellenwood Park are already preparing to get folks back on skis this winter. Once again we’ll be grooming the trails and setting tracks around the park whenever Old Man Winter sends snow our way – and we’d like to extend an invitation to YOU to join us for some cross country skiing fun in the beautiful surroundings of Ellenwood Lake Park.

Don’t have your own equipment?

Cheer up! We’ve got everything you need…

We have skis, poles, boots and even snowshoes for all ages and they’re FREE to borrow any weekend when we have skiable snow… although we are always grateful for donations;-)

What about covid protocols?

Our little ski cabin down by the lake is small so masks will be required inside. For your protection and ours we will always be sure to follow current provincial covid protocols. This will mean limiting the number of folks inside at one time, but we’ll do our best to minimize your wait time and maximize your fun!

So what are you waiting for?

Oh… snow. Unfortunately that’s beyond our control. It’s on our Christmas wish list though!

In the mean time, start warming up those sleepy muscles and watch for more details and updates here or on our Facebook page.

We’ll be ready whenever you are!

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In need of helping hands…

The Friends of Ellenwood Park would like to extend an invitation to those of you who love the Park and what we do to join us. In fact, we’re recruiting!

We rely on our team of volunteers to keep on doing what we do and we need YOUR help to carry on. It’s fun and rewarding time spent in our favourite place and it puts a smile on lots of faces – just like yours!

So… what is it that our volunteers do? The Friends of Ellenwood Park meet once a month to plan ahead for new events like rock hunting, star hikes, bonfires and marshmallow roasts. We talk about who will ‘host’ the event and divide the tasks among us. When there’s skiable snow, we set up the ski cabin and get ready to put on skis and equip folks for winter weekend fun!

If you’ve ever participated in any of our events, you’ll know how much fun it is – and not just for the participants! There’s something for everyone to enjoy, for every age and skill level, but it doesn’t happen without our volunteers!

Can we interest YOU? We need dedicated volunteers to step up and lend us a hand. If you’d like to know more PLEASE go to our Facebook page and send us a message or email and we’ll reply . It’s a small commitment of time for a really great service to our community… and we can’t do it without YOU!

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Until next fall…

The Friends of Ellenwood Park would like to wish all of you a very happy and SAFE summer. I know that it may look a bit bleak right now, but there’s a light at the end of this pandemic tunnel and it gets closer every day!

Keep Ellenwood Park in mind whenever the outdoors calls you to visit. Bike, walk, kayak… however you enjoy Nature the most, Ellenwood is waiting there for you. It’s a great place to find some peace and fresh air!

We’ll see you in October!

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