You should have been there!

Here are a few “action shots” of happy skiers who came out to Ellenwood on Sunday. The business of fitting different sized people with different sized boots and different size skis with two kinds of bindings can be a challenge, but happy faces like these make it all worthwhile!

Here’s our ‘pulk’ out for a rare run in the snow with baby on board and Daddy in the harness.

Protected by a windshield, she’s all snuggled in and ready to go for a relaxing glide over the snow… letting Daddy do all the work while Mommy supervises.

From pint-sized to Daddy-sized, we have skis to fit families of all kinds and we just love to see those rosy cheeks head back in at the end of the day to warm up by the wood stove. You really should have been there!

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