Skiing at the Park

*For the 2020-2021 ski season the cabin will not be open.

**Unfortunately, due to covid safety protocols, the Friends of Ellenwood Park will not be loaning out equipment this season. Sport Nova Scotia has set strict rules for the loaning and/or rental of skis and boots – and the size of the ski cabin plus the way in which we fit individuals makes it impossible for us to meet their guidelines. We will be grooming and setting track throughout the Park this season, but the cabin will remain closed. Sorry! Believe me, we wish it were otherwise. You can check here or on Facebook page for latest updates.

Keep Ellenwood in mind for next winter!

Weekends at Ellenwood Provincial Park can provide a healthy alternative to indoor pursuits and electronic games during the winter. Forget ‘virtual’ thrills and excitement… We have the real thing at Ellenwood and it’s FREE for the entire family! It’s called cross-country skiing and we want everyone to come out to the Park and try it!

Every weekend throughout the winter, the volunteers of the Friends of Ellenwood Park open the ski cabin where they have cross-country ski equipment in a wide variety of sizes for adults and children.  Skis, poles and boots are FREE to borrow from the cabin whenever it’s open. We even have snowshoes!  So when is it open, you ask?     Ellenwood’s ski cabin is open every Saturday and Sunday from 12:00 noon to 4:00 pm, weather permitting.  What could be better? I’ll tell you what…

We also groom and track set over 7 kilometers of ski trails throughout the park. In addition there are plowed trails for walkers, hiking trails and ungroomed areas for the use of snowshoers, hikers, photographers and non-skiers. There’s something for everyone to enjoy at Ellenwood this winter. As long as Mother Nature cooperates, our trails will be groomed and ready for you… along with a hot wood stove and hot drinks to warm you up after your day outdoors.

Skis are loaned on a first come, first served basis and children must be accompanied by an adult. The whole family is encouraged to join in the fun!

Here are some important safety tips that you should know while using our trails in the snowy months…

  • Yield to faster skiers or to those skiers coming downhill.  They can’t stop on a dime!  Step off the track to allow faster skiers to pass you.
  • If you are going to overtake another skier, yell “TRACK!” and proceed only after they have stepped to the side.  If you’re coming downhill fast and can’t see if the track ahead is clear, yell “TRACK!” to allow others enough time to step safely out of your path.
  • Snowshoes are to be used ONLY in areas where there is sufficient snow, NEVER on ice or bare pavement and NEVER near ski or walking tracks.  Ruts and track damage left behind by snowshoes present a serious safety concern for cross-country skiers.  The entire Park is there for snowshoers to explore!  Stay away from groomed trails!
  • The same thing goes for our four-footed friends.  Dogs and ski tracks DON’T mix!  It is UNSAFE for your pet and for skiers.  The DNR requires dogs to be on a leash AT ALL TIMES – and away from ski tracks.  There is ample walking room on the groomed walking path to the left side.  It’s simple to remember… Ski tracks are ONLY for skis!
  • Walkers should ALWAYS stay clear of ski tracks for the same reason (as above). If you are skiing and you fall, try to get off the track as gently as possible and fill in any holes.

Although FOEP will attempt, when possible, to update ski conditions they may change quickly due to weather. Whether borrowing our equipment or using your own, or just out for a walk, please make safety your top priority!  All Park visitors are responsible for making their own decisions based on individual skills and experience.

The Friends of Ellenwood Park loan equipment at their discretion and they reserve the right to decline to do so at any time in the interest of safety.  At all times, visitors use the Park and its amenities at their own risk. 

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