Picture Perfect Workshop!

...fully focused;-)

…fully focused;-)

Our photography workshop on Sept. 27th with Sue Hutchins was a huge success. Everyone left with useful tips, fresh perspectives, and feeling motivated to get to know their camera better! We learned 5 key questions to ask ourselves when selecting a subject and how to arrange and focus on the elements within the frame. Sue used creative props to demonstrate how the camera’s aperture works and gave us a handy way to remember depth of field rules with a catchy verse! Sue’s a great photographer and an effective teacher too! There was truly something for everyone. Finally, we went outside the cabin to practice what we learned. You should have been there;-)

...depth of field at work

…depth of field at work

...leading the eye

…leading the eye

...restful horizon

…restful horizon

...deliberate diagonal

…deliberate diagonal

Attached is a sample of how our participants applied their new skills. Not bad, eh?

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