A heartfelt THANK YOU!

The Friends of Ellenwood Park would like to thank each and every one of you who trekked down to the cabin for a day of glorious cross-country skiing!  The conditions were perfect and we hope that you had fun. We did! The weekend was a tremendous success – thanks to YOU!  That having been said…

We apologize to anyone who patiently waited for skis on Family Day Monday.  We had a much bigger turnout than we’ve ever had before – and that’s a GOOD thing… unless you’re the one who had to wait for skis.  We do our best, but some things are beyond our control.  There are a few things you should know about who the Friends of Ellenwood Park (FOEP) are and why we do what we do…

The FOEP is a group of volunteers. The running of our ski loan program, trail maintenance (which means care and feeling of the skidoo & groomer) and cabin upkeep are entirely funded by donations from our visitors, memberships and the tireless efforts of our team who have sought out and applied for grants and financial support since FOEP began 8 years ago. Any of you who do volunteer work know that the search for funding is an onerous and time consuming job.  The snacks  are provide by our cabin staff from the goodness of their own hearts and homes. In those 8 years, the FOEP have purchased a skidoo and trail groomer and those wonderful new ski sets you’ve been enjoying so much.  Our goal for the future is to buy more ski equipment and some snowshoes and to continue offering it all to you free of charge!  

WHY do we do this? We love the sport of cross-country skiing!  We adore the beauty of Ellenwood in all its seasons and we want to share it all with you.  A hike down to the cabin or a brisk ski around the Park keeps you and your family healthy and fit. So please be patient with us as we experience the occasional growing pains.  After all, the Friends of Ellenwood Park do it all for you!

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