February 1st update…

Will the groundhog see its shadow or not tomorrow?  Will we have an early spring or six more weeks of winter?  Will we have snow enough for skiing this weekend?  It’s a lot to ask from any rodent.

What do the Friends of Ellenwood Park see?  We see lots of walkers out enjoying the sunshine and mild temperatures at the Park and many of them are bringing their four-footed friends along, and why not?  It’s a great idea!  We’ve also been seeing lots of leashes and doggie-doo bags in use, which is why a big “Thank You” is coming your way!  All Park visitors appreciate the beauty of Ellenwood, its undisturbed wildness and clean pathways. Each and every effort to keep it that way deserves to be recognized and acknowledged. So THANKS, everyone. Keep up the good work!

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