March 25th update…

Well… it’s the first weekend of spring.  How are you liking it so far?  It also happens to be the last weekend of March.  Remember that whole, “In like a lion, out like a lamb” business?  The next few days are forecast to be springlike indeed and lovely weather for a walk around Ellenwood – as long as you’re mindful of those icy patches underfoot.  The ski cabin will be closed for ski loans AGAIN… but sometimes one or two of us just like to hang out there for some peace and quiet in front of a hot wood stove, so stop by and see.  You might be lucky!  We’ve invested in some size 13 men’s ski boots for next (unfortunately) season so we’ll be all ready for you larger-footed gents as soon as Mother Nature decides to play along.  Until then, enjoy the lamb-like weather and a walk in the Park.


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