Saturday, Jan. 21st update…

It’s only Friday, but I’m comfortable making a prediction about this weekend’s weather all the same.  Skiing and snowshoeing are NOT in the forecast, I’m afraid. But it looks like GREAT walking weather over the next few days!  The ski cabin won’t be open, but the trails are high and dry.

Speaking of dry…                                                                                                                                    If you’re heading out to the Park to walk (or ski or snowshoe) you might want to think about drinking a glass of water before you leave, and then some more during and after your activity. “What’s this all about?” you ask.

It’s about staying hydrated. Working all those big muscle groups of yours during a brisk walk or ski will cause you to sweat; even if it’s cold outside. Of course if you wear too many clothes you’ll sweat even more.

On top of that, add the water you lose when you breathe. Think of how you can “see” your breath when it’s cold outside!  That’s moisture leaving your body.

One last thing; don’t wait to be thirsty before you reach for that glass of water. We humans can get dehydrated before we feel thirsty!


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