Ski conditions for February 5th…

All trails are still track set with poor conditions today due to rain.

Some of the trails are cut up from dogs. Use caution on down hill areas for damaged tracks and some bare spots.  

We’ll see what the weather brings overnight and post an update tomorrow. In the mean time…

It’s very disappointing to have to have to repeat old information, but for safety’s sake, it’s necessary. When a skier is moving at speed within a set of ski tracks and those tracks are broken up by snowshoers, walkers, or their dogs, it is DANGEROUS.

Think about driving your car on a paved surface and suddenly hitting a deep, wheel-grabbing pot hole! That’s what it’s like, except skiers are not protected by a metal cage. When they hit a ‘pot hole’ in a ski track, they can break limbs. PLEASE, it’s not much to ask.

Walkers stay on the left where it’s plowed. Dogs stay close and always on a leash – as posted clearly by the Park Authority. Pick up after your pets and avoid all groomed areas. THANK YOU for helping to keep everyone SAFE.

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