Winter Bird Feeding Workshop

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 15TH from 2 to 4 pm at the ski cabin Winter Bird Feeding Workshop Join our members at the ski cabin for a talk on what birds we can expect to see at our feeders and in our yards in the winter. We will discuss, our favourite type of birdfeeders and what to feed the different species of birds in the winter. Members of the FOEP will demonstrate different types of suet bird feeders you can make at home to attract and help our feathered friends in the winter. Great for any interested adults or kids! For assistance for those with mobility difficulties, contact Chris at 902-881-2658 in advance. Coffee, tea, hot chocolate and goodies will be served. Donations to FOEP, most welcome. (Rain date: Sunday, November 22nd)

Marcie's finished product!

Marcie’s finished product!

Why not make your own?

What’s for dinner?


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