Would you wear a bathing suit to the symphony?

I thought that would grab your attention;-)  If you think you’re ready to try skiing, you will need to DRESS APPROPRIATELY in order to stay warm while you ski or snowshoe. Staying warm extends your time outdoors and feels a whole lot nicer than being cold, damp and chilled:-(  Here are some useful tips from the Friends of Ellenwood Park…

LAYERING – Several pieces of clothing is better than one or two bulkier pieces. Snow pants and a winter jacket ‘can’ be worn, but you may feel restricted or overheat.

IF NOT COTTON, THEN WHAT?  Cotton is perfect for absorbing moisture… which is precisely what you want to AVOID when dressing up for skiing.  No cotton sweatpants or jeans, no cotton socks or cotton underwear. You will perspire and become damp and STAY damp.  Damp = COLD!  Here’s some good advice about fabrics…

#1 Next to your skin, wear underwear or tights, made of polypro or merino wool. It wicks away moisture so you stay dry.  Remember, DRY = WARM.  #2 Your next layer is for insulation… Once you get warm, you want to STAY warm, right? A top made from polar fleece, synthetic or wool is best for this. #3  Your outermost layer should be windproof clothing that sheds snow NOT rain gear which traps sweat inside.

THE RIGHT SOCKS ARE SO IMPORTANT!  Always start with a pair of dry socks made from wool or polypro, NOT COTTON. Nice shin-length ones are best. Don’t over layer the socks. If they’re too thick, it will actually make your feet colder. You should have space to wiggle your toes inside your ski boot. You can try wearing a ladies’ knee-hi nylon stocking under your regular socks. It stops your sock from rubbing and helps prevent blisters.  Thin or ankle high socks are great for the summer, but have NO place inside a ski boot!

ACCESSORIES? Everyone should wear a woolly toque. Skip the scarf, it’s a nuisance. Mitts are warmer than gloves, but they need to be the kind with an outer fabric that sheds snow. If you do feel cold, spin your arms in circles and hop up and down. You’ll be warm in no time.  DRESS APPROPRIATELY and you’ll ski what a difference it makes!

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