Preparing for the season…

CAUTION TO ALL SKIERS:  For anyone skiing down from the Mood Road gate… Be advised to use extra caution.  A large tree is down across the road that is not visible until you are beyond the first bend!  An update will be posted here when conditions change.  Remember that you ski at your own risk, so be careful out there!

Hello everyone!  The wind storm that blew through on Christmas Day left a great deal of debris on the walking paths around Ellenwood.  The DNR will be able to tackle the BIG trees, but the branches and smaller stuff throughout the Park need to be picked up and tossed off the pathways so that we can get our groomer mobilized next week!  The sooner the cleanup is done, the faster we can get out there skiing!!!  If anyone is out for a walk, could you PLEASE take a few moments to help clear the downed branches?  If all of us pitch in, it will take no time at all.  Thank you in advance for lending a hand!  It seems like a perfect time, with only 3 days to go, to wish everyone a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year from all of us at FOEP.

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