Saturday, January 6th

Happy New Year folks!   Well, the wild weather has played havoc at Ellenwood (like everywhere else) since Christmas Day and the Park lost a few trees.  The DNR has pulled the downed trees off to the side and the excavator, which has been on site, has been removed… we think.  A few of our visitors and volunteer staff were out clearing debris from the trails with the hope that we might be able to run the groomer soon.  However, there may still be hazards lurking beneath the snow. BE CAUTIOUS WHEN USING UNGROOMED PARK TRAILS!  You ski and snowshoe at your own risk and not all hazards are visible as you cut your own tracks.  The Friends of Ellenwood will be back at the cabin to loan equipment once we are sure that it’s safe to do so.  The area at the Mood Road gate has been plowed several times so parking is available.  Please be patient and stay tuned here for updates.


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