Sunday, January 24th

It was wonderful to see so many first-time skiers out at Ellenwood yesterday and to be able to offer such great track conditions for their inaugural runs! Today promises to be every bit as fun – so it may be time for another quick safety tip or two.

Tip#1 On a 2-way track such as Ellenwood’s, descending skiers always have the right of way. Skiers on a downhill run should yell, “TRACK” to alert folks to their approach.                                                                                                                                  Tip #2 Do not stop where you may obstruct a trail or are not visible to others. Move off the track quickly if you fall or during rest stops.                                                         Tip #3 Four-legged friends are welcome to use the plowed walking path on the left. To ensure SAFE walkies for you and your buddy – always keep them on a leash!

Thanks for telling your friends about our free ski lending service! The word is spreading and winter will be a whole lot more fun for folks, thanks to YOU!

“Ellie” our groomer needs your support to keep her running reliably throughout the season and setting those perfect tracks.  So the next time you visit the cabin, please consider bringing along a dollar or two.  Or better yet, become a Friend by filling out a Support Form at the cabin for yourself ($10) or your family ($15).  Happy trails!

Ellie, our trail groomer.

Ellie, our trail groomer.

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