Tuesday, January 26th

Today is Australia Day and the folks down under are experiencing rain, humidity and 25 degree temperatures. Whew!  I bet that more than one of our Aussie friends are wishing they could be here at Ellenwood enjoying the great track conditions today. (Okay… maybe not, but the ski conditions are very good!) Don’t wait for the weekend.  Skis are available to borrow from the folks at the Recreation Department in Hebron all week long. Bring them out to the Park and be glad you’re not in Melbourne!  If you do plan to join us at the cabin this weekend, remember…

Our skis are free to borrow, but Ellie, our wonderful groomer depends on your donations to keep gassed up and doing her job throughout the season. Consider bringing along a few dollars or be an FOEP supporter ($10 for individuals or $15 for a family). Support forms are available at the ski cabin. And as they say down under, “Thank you!”

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