Sunday, Jan. 8th update…

OK… You can stop now!  I know that I asked all of you to keep your fingers crossed for snow, but enough’s enough already!  Then again, I shouldn’t be surprised.  Cross-country skiers are such a motivated bunch;-)

Stephen is out at the Park and has the trails all ready for you!  There was so much snow that he had to go over it a few times with the snow mobile to compact it a bit before he was able to run the groomer and set the ski tracks, but it’s all done now.  So get out there and ENJOY THE SNOW!  The conditions are perfect:-)

The roads are in great shape (surprisingly) and it’s no trouble getting to Ellenwood.  Brian and Stephen are currently manning the ski cabin and loaning out equipment, as promised. Some of us still have to dig ourselves out of our driveways!  The cabin will be warm and welcoming this afternoon, one way or another… stove lit and chocolate hot!

Don’t let Stephen do all that hard work for nothing… C’mon out and SKI why don’t ya???  Please review our trail safety tips before you head out.  Click on ‘Skiing At The Park’.


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